Muscles tense, senses heighten, and the thought of worry enters the mind. Feeling panicked and scared, the eyes look around the room searching for something, anything to tame this feeling. Staring at the wall, a poster of led zeppelin hangs, no that does not help. The eyes shift to an end table where a photo of one’s family sits, no that does not help either. The eyes continue to gaze around the room looking for a solution. A half bottle of rum sits on the coffee table. Without a second thought, the hand reaches out and grabs the liquor, the cap twists off with ease, and the liquor vanishes.

A dual diagnosis is when the individual suffers from both a mental illness as well as a substance abuse disorder. Close to eight million people in the United States suffer from both a mental illness and a substance use disorder. It’s not meant to be easy but overcoming both can be done, and this is where a dual diagnosis treatment center comes into play.